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So what do I do when I am not working on the next great American work of literature?
no they are not listed in the folders/playlists in Mezzmo that's updated right away its in the lg content type view were they still show up after deleting them from my computer they do update after some time I seen now but it takes long from a 1 hour to a few hours and sometimes does not update to the next day when I delete them from my computer and update mezzmo the artwork does get removed from my tv but the files are still there for some time after I guess my tv could be caching the contents of the folder and it takes some time to be updated Edit : the problem am having now with mezzmo is my metadata being auto update by mezzmo its not working right it does not get a lot of the metadata for my files and the ones it does get are not correct or different language and artwork OK - sounds like your l G model is wrongly caching your folder content. Mezzmo always delivers the current contents of your folders to your devices.

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